La Pasta di Aldo

Pasta di Aldo is high-end artisan dried pasta from the undulating hills of Italy's Le Marche region. It was described by Heston Blumenthal in his television series In Search of Perfection as 'perhaps the finest pasta in Italy'


Luigi Donnari and his wife Maria Alzapiedi, who gave the first halves of their surnames to create the eponymous 'Pasta Di Aldo', make just 50kg of this dried pasta every day from their tiny workshop in Monte San Giusto, Le Marche.


The pasta is made using a variety of local wheats and is hand-kneaded before being rolled out on a small machine, cut by hand and then hung to dry slowly in low temperatures for the natural drying process. The final step is packing it into fine handmade boxes. The resulting pasta has a rough, al dente texture and a bright egg colour.

Ugo Foods Group is proud to exclusively supply this incredible artisan pasta to the UK. The time consuming, hand made process means that there is very little volume available but you can find it John Lewis Bluewater & Oxford Street or on Ocado online. 


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